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The original print version of the Soundbook, the primary source for the SoundSite was published in 1989 by Soundkeeper, Inc.  Iroquois Gas Transmission System's Land Preservation and Enhancement Program (LPEP) was the primary funding source.  Funding of the SoundSite, the online version of the Soundbook was provided by SNET/SBC.

The SoundBook & SoundSite Project Team

Soundkeeper and Executive Director
Terry Backer

Project Director
John Atkin

Design and Art Direction
Susan Leggitt
Leggitt Associates

Contributing Editor
Mary E. Castellion

Donna Kern

Long Island Sound lighthouse illustrations are adapted from photographs appearing in Northeast Lights, by Robert G. Bachand, Sea Sports Publications, Norwalk, CT, 1989

Writing Team
John Atkin
Terry Backer
Jennifer Bangser
Diane Jacobson
Walter K. Smith
Sarah Wade
Steve White

Chester Arnold
Melissa Beristan
D.J. Carey
Gary Davis
Eileen Fabian
Mia Higgins
Florence Hutner
David J. Miller
Laurie Rardin
Jeanette Semon
Brian Thompson
Amanda Tolles
Robert Tolles

Soundkeeper, Inc.