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Welcome to the SoundBook Online!  The SoundBook Online is the online version of Soundkeeper's popular Soundbook, an informative citizen's guide to Long Island Sound and the Watershed.   

The Soundbook has been used by hundreds of classrooms, and thousands of students, around Long Island Sound, who have sought greater understanding of the Sound and watershed, as well as ways to protect and preserve its beauty and viability as a great natural resource.

The SoundBook Online is a living, changing revision of the original SoundBook, and it is an easily accessible resource for all.  The SoundBook Online is published by Soundkeeper,  which works to protect Long Island Sound and keep it viable. It is a non-profit organization, conspicuous as the Sound's steward, willing and able to fight to preserve the Sound's marine environment.

The SoundBook Online provides information on how you, as an individual, can help ensure that Long Island Sound and its watershed are not allowed to deteriorate.

You will discover how Long Island Sound came into existence and what it is today. You will find that an abundance of marine life enriches the Long Island Sound region. You will see how human interaction with the land and water has gradually brought us to this time when environmental problems are a serious threat. You will learn the nature of these problems. Most importantly, you will learn how you can make a difference.

Soundkeeper is here for the long fight to see that laws protecting the Sound are enforced. To this end, our Soundkeeper actively tracks polluters for potential prosecution in our patrol boats. The Soundkeeper intervenes in the regulatory process on both the state and federal level to protect the Sound's habitat from unwise development.

Enjoy this site and remember that you, too, can be a Soundkeeper member.

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